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Friday, 17 June 2011


So far i've not mentioned the stewards for MotoGP, but these guys have been making some pretty crazy decisions this season.
Here we have where the crazy began. As you can see from the clip Dani ran into the back of Marco and crashed breaking his collar bone (again), a few laps later Marco was pulled in far a ride thru penalty under the banner of  "illegal move" I fail to see what was illegal about it. Now comes the conspiracy part! Dorna who owns the commercial rights to the MotoGP world championship is Spanish, so is Dani and it seems like they are trying to protect their own. There are 4 rounds to the championship held in Spain and a lot of the money comes from Spain (Repsol, Telefonica amongst others) this is the last season of the 800 machines and they would like a world champion thank you very much!
Now all this wouldn't look so bad if it wasn't for the fact that this penalty was give on the spur of the moment, and it wasn't the only one...........more about this tomorrow.


  1. Very dangerous sport, can deny that its fun to watch though

  2. They way they turn corners on motogp is terrifying i could never do that

  3. i dont consider it a sport but still i find it an interesting show. everybody involved needs to be highly skilled. good work mate

  4. Any crash you can walk away from is a good one.

  5. looks dangerous!! as long as your not hurt and it wasnt your motorcycle its okay haha

  6. all the protective gear paid off!

  7. It's like modern day chariot racing, everyone secretly hopes to see a spectacular crash!